Who we are?

Relay is global brand recently ventured into indian market as we think there is a huge gap between the way indian market is performing when compared to rest of the world

We are one of the elite Truck managment companies offering safe & secure goods transport at reasonable costs. We offer reliable goods transport service in full load and part load capacity. Our objective is to provide quality service using latest technology and excellent customer service. We use latest & effective ways of truck hiring & fleet services and offer mobile-enabled technology to communicate with our huge network of truck operators & co-loaders for efficient work. We have fully verified & trained partner operators that offer reliable & trustworthy service.

We are backed by one of the global IT players so that our technology is always up to date thus providing our customer the best serivice in the business

Our Key Elements

  • Route Optimisation and consolidation
  • Improved Execution
  • Track and Manage Carrier contracts
  • CRisk Management
  • Performance Management
  • We ensure complete security

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