How much in advance do I need to place a booking
We expect you to book 24 hrs in advance so we can confirm the time of arrival of the truck well in advance of 8 hours so you can prepare all the documents needed.
How would I know the Approximate trip distance and my bill amount?
Our clever software will calculate the distance and will provide you with the bill amount at the booking process itself so you know exactly how much it will cost you to ship your goods.
If I received confirmed booking ID, is there any chance of no show-off of the truck?
We accept any requests for loads 24hrs prior to the loading time so once confirmed with a booking ID we can guarantee the truck will arrive at the intended location before the pick-up time, for what ever unforeseen reasons if there is a delay we will keep you informed.
How to cancel a booking?
Currently you need to raise a cancellation request through web/phone at least 8 hrs prior to the pick time to avoid any cancellation charges.
What are the different modes of payment you support ?
There are currently 2 modes of Payment
1. You can pay using out payment gateway
2. You can call the admin team to confirm online bank transfer so they can process your order.
How will I receive my Bills?
All bills are generated right after the transaction is completed and an email will be sent to the registered email and will be store in your registered account so you can check them anytime by login and checking in the dashboard.
Would I get any manpower for loading/unloading services?
No Relay transport does not provide any labor for loading and unloading services as this will the responsibility of the Goods owner to arrange this service
Do you provide courier service for my parcel?
No Relay transport only deals with full truck loads and we do not engage in courier services.
What happens if the truck carrying my load gets involved in an accident
We will try to avoid such cases as we thoroughly inspect all our vehicles and vet all of our drivers , however if an RTA occurs Relay transport will arrange for an alternative truck to transport the load to destination with no extra cost to the customer.
What happens if the truck which is supposed to pick up did not turn up at pick up point?
Here at Relay transport services our team will keep tracking all the vehicles that are due to pick up the loads on a regular basis and if there is any kind of delay for unforeseen reason we will inform you well ahead of the time and will try to arrange for an alternative vehicle to deliver your load.
Can I change the vehicle type once it has reached to the pickup point?
You can change the vehicle once it has reached to the pick up point but you need to pay the expense for that vehicle which has travelled to your pick up point.
Who will generate the e-way bill?
Consignee or person acting on behalf of the consignee needs to generate Part A &B e-way bill before the movement of the goods.

Please note that the e-way bill is not required to move the household items.
Is it necessary to have an account registered with Relay transport services for posting/booking a load?
Yes, it is a compulsory to have an account to post or book a load trough Relay transport services, if you need any help with regards to registration please contact our customer service team who will help in the registration process.
Is my information provided to Relay transport services secure?
Yes, Relay transport services ensures 100% safety of the data provided by its users , we use various measures like SSL to ensure that the information is stored securely, Furthermore we use encryption while storing sensitive information.

If you did not find the answer to a question , please contact our customer service team who will be happy to assist you

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